The Expanse Has Been Revived by Amazon for a Fourth Season

Dominique Tipper as Naomi in The Expanse.
Dominique Tipper as Naomi in The Expanse.
Image: Syfy

Thank Jeff Bezos and the desiccated capitalist husk of our entertainment economy, because sometimes good things do still happen.


Last night, at the National Space Society’s International Space Development Conference in LA, Jeff Bezos took the opportunity to announce that The Expanse, one of the best scifi shows on TV (if not the best, by many accounts), will find a new home on Amazon for its fourth season.

Its third season is currently airing on Syfy, and news of Syfy’s impending cancellation of the series was met with a huge fan outcry, and heavy speculation of a revival on another network or platform. Congrats, fans: you were right.

“We couldn’t be more excited that ‘The Expanse’ is going to continue on Amazon Prime,” said Alcon Entertainment co-founders and co-CEOs Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson, whose company produces and finances the show. “We are deeply grateful that Jeff Bezos, Jen Salke, and their team at Amazon have shown such faith in our show. We also want to thank Laura Lancaster, head of Alcon Television for her tireless efforts. We are fully aware that this wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the staggering outpouring of support from the most creative, hardest working sci-fi fans around the world. From reddit campaigns to airplanes, we say thank you. It worked!”

In a revival-happy television season, this is one of the best bits of news yet.


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While I’m beyond stoked that The Expanse has been picked up for further seasons (don’t forget the third s in that word!), in all the excitement, I hope fans of the show don’t forget that Amazon is a cancer.

I’m seeing a lot of celebratory tweets from fans directly lauding Jeff Bezos. I get that cast, crew, producers should put on a good face & not look a gift horse in the mouth. But the fans have proven just how much power we have. Let’s not give it all away making a sociopath into a saint just ‘cuz he likes the same show we do.

Bezos may have saved our show, perhaps even pretty directly as a result of his own fandom. But he’s still a sociopathic CEO that should be forced to work at one of his own “fulfillment centers” subject to Amazon’s own performance metrics.