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The exclusive debut of Adam Warrock's new BSG music video “Galactica”

Nerdcore rapper Adam Warrock has sung about everything from Firefly to Marvel's West Coast Avengers comics, and now we can add the new Battlestar Galactica series to his oeuvre. He's just released an 8-song EP inspired by the original miniseries, and io9 is proud to debut the first track and music video, "Galactica."


You can download Warrock's full BSG mixtape for absolutely free here (and get the cover here). And then you might want to check his other albums here, because they're all pretty great, and then if you like those you may even want to consider donating during his Annual Donation Drive, which is going on right now, and will net you things like a new album, an exclusive live concert video, and a free pile of awesome digital comics, and because he releases a lot of great, fun music for free, and you like supporting people who do great, fun things.

Let me sweeten the pot. In all honesty, although I enjoy "Galactica," this is my favorite track from the album:

Anyone who records a song about BSG's William Adama in the style of the Notorious B.I.G.'s "Big Poppa" deserves at least a couple of bucks, don't you think?

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Erik Sofge

"When your enemy doesn't sleep/When they aren't even alive/When they don't feel a thing/With that red glowing eye."

Robo-racism never dies.

That Big Adama image is genius, though.