The Excellent Horror Comic Harrow County is Heading To Television

Illustration for article titled The Excellent Horror Comic iHarrow County/i is Heading To Television

Harrow County is one of our absolute favorite comics of 2015—not just a fascinatingly creepy horror story, but a great story filled with amazing, haunting art. So, good news! The Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook series is going to be getting a lot of love now that it’s heading to Syfy as a live-action series!


Harrow County, which follows the adventures of a young girl named Emmy as she finds herself supernaturally linked to the dark past of her small southern town, was first connected to an adaptation with Universal earlier this year through a first-look agreement with Dark Horse. But now the series has a home at Syfy, where it’ll be adapted by Dominion and Twelve Monkeys writer Becky Kirsch.

Syfy does have a spotty record when it comes to its shows, but hopefully it can do Harrow County justice. Want to know more about the series before it hits TV? You can read the first issue for free, here on io9!


[Via Deadline]

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Oh no! Not the fuckin’ Syfy Channel of all places! Harrow County deserves better. This should be on, like, AMC... or at the very least FX.

Hopefully, though, they can do it justice. I just... highly doubt they can. Sorry.