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The Evil Dead remake may actually be awesome

Illustration for article titled The emEvil Dead/em remake may actually be awesome

Ghost House Pictures has confirmed that they will be doing a remake of Sam Raimi's iconic horror-comedy Evil Dead. Bruce Campbell, whose career was launched by the Evil Dead series, will be involved. But Raimi is handing over the director's chair to Fede Alvarez (director of the short film Panic Attack).


So far it's sounding like yet another remake. But here's the thing - Ghost House has hired Diablo Cody to write it. She's the person who wrote Juno and Jennifer's Body, and I actually think her weird sense of humor and penchant for deeply fucked up characters could be just what the movie needs. I thought Jennifer's Body was a fantastic cult movie, with just the right amounts of cheesy horror and genuinely original weirdness that would be required to make a remake of Evil Dead worth watching.

I vote for cautious optimism on this one. I mean, Sam Raimi himself already made a remake of Evil Dead — it was called Evil Dead II. So this was a flick that was pretty much designed to be remade anyway.

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I'm sorry, but is Diablo Cody even a real thing anymore? She's proven both qualitatively and quantitatively that she flat out does not make movies people want to see. I wonder if a producer saw Juno, lived under a rock for 2 years, and emerged saying "I've got it!"