The Ever-Deepening Mystery Surrounding Wolverine's Leak

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When the workprint of X-Men Origins: Wolverine leaked onto the internet, Fox reacted quickly by stating that the workprint was significantly different to the finished movie, including missing key scenes. A new report disagrees.


According to someone who's seen the finished movie, the workprint pretty much was the finished movie:

Well, having seen the finished film, the mystery is solved: the workprint version IS in fact identical to the release print, sans effect and some audio work. It's obvious that FOX is trying their darndest to keep this news from getting out, because it will eliminate most of the motivation for people who have seen the workprint to pay for a ticket.

I'm not exactly sure that that was the motivation behind the disclaimer that the leaked movie wasn't the real thing; more likely, they said that to stop people wanting to download it in the first place ("Don't ruin it for yourselves! It's not finished, anyway!") and make the best PR they could from the nightmare - And it seems to have worked, with the leak making people talk about the movie to a degree that wasn't happening before, and younger audiences more excited to see it than they are Star Trek. But if this report turns out to be true, will fans decide to skip the theaters and just download the workprint after all? Perhaps it'll all depend on the audience's demand to see explosions on big screens... or maybe they'll want to see the rumored multiple endings that are supposed to be tagged on to different prints sent to different theaters for after the credits.

The Finished/Theatrical Version Of Wolverine Has Been Seen!! Just How Different Is It From That Workprint?? [Ain't It Cool]


Falsoman el Garabatero

I've seen tons of places with the workprint of the movie but I've decided to watch first anyway on the theather, mostly because i've predisposed myself to think that the movie is going to be so bad that the best thing of it are going to be the special effects. And i'm mostly sure that it's gonna be fun even if i cringe a little.

The other thing is that i have an unlimited access card to the cinema here, so it's a no brainer. I'll watch the movie today, actually.