​The episode that proved that Wu is indeed the true hero of Grimm

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Here's all you need to know about the last episode of Grimm: The show made the bold choice of venturing into preggo tentacle porn. Also, Wu is awesome and Nick and Hank are assholes.


It begins when Wu's pregnant ex-girlfriend Dana gets attacked by the Aswang, the Wesen o' the Week. As it turns out, the Aswang is a Filipino creature that basically uses their forked tentacle-tongue to suck unborn babies out of pregnant women to extend their own lives — an abortion monster, if you will. Turns out Dana has married one, and the Aswang family tradition is to give the first born fetus to grandma to eat, but Dana's husband is a bit more… modern. Anyways, a neighbor interrupts Grandma before she can finish the job.

As usual, Wu is a much better detective than Nick and Hank, although he is; while Wu comes to grips that the crime is clearly affiliated with a legend of his youth, Nick and Hank wait days to even go to the trailer to figure out what kind of Wesen it is, and that's after the clues of 1) claw marks on a second floor window, 2) Dana was mysteriously injected with "valerian root" to knock her out and 3) the fact that something sucked the amniotic fluid out of her stomach.


Wu tries to make sense of it, but the closest he can come is guessing Dana's husband is trying to make the attack look like the legendary Aswang (which is pretty reasonable, all things considered). Nick and Hank agonize over whether to tell Wu the truth about Wesen, but decide they won't unless they absolutely have to. They actually continue not telling him even after Wu directly comes up to them and says, "Hey, there's a weird myth from the Philippines that seems super-relevant to this case, and I know it sounds insane, but I thought you guys should know." He directly tells them about a mythological creature. And they still say nothing.

And you know what the result of them failing to finally let the most competent character on the show join Team Grimm? Well, Wu hangs outside Dana's place when she gets home from the hospital, because he thinks her husband may be involved. That's when he sees Grandma arrives by cab, and scuttle up a tree into Dana's bedroom window. Wu rushes into the house and discovers the fully Woge'd Aswang in Wesen form, sucking the hell out of Dana's unborn baby, and Wu loses his shit. Luckily, Hank and Nick arrive (after waaaaay too much detective work — based on the legend, did they really think Grandma was going to go somewhere other than her son's house for a snack?) and shoot her.

And then Wu checks himself into an insane asylum.

Seriously, that's where Nick and Hank visit him at the end of the episode, because he still has terrifying visions of the Aswang (he seems to be sane otherwise, though). And they still don't tell him. They leave their friend unprepared for exactly the kind of shit that went down, and then they fail to tell him that he's not fucking crazy. It's infuriating. It's infuriating not just because we've all been waiting for Wu to finally be put in the loop, but because this is inordinately shitty behavior from the guys who are supposed to be the heroes here. It's infuriating because Wu is, even without being a detective or knowing anything about Wesen, so much better at being a cop than either Nick or Hank.


But it's mostly infuriating because Wu gets screwed. Now, this could still make for good TV if the show does something with Wu other than give him a quick 60-second check-in at the mental health clinic for the next four episodes — but it would have to involve Nick and Hank feeling inordinately guilty for failing their friend. But I don't know that Grimm knows how terrible its characters were here. Prove me wrong, Grimm! Don't make Wu's narrative sacrifice be in vain!

Oh, Adalind had her baby tonight in like literally the first minute of the show. It's what I have to assume is the fastest anything has ever happened in the history of Grimm (I was guessing the birth would take a full episode, if not two). The baby is made of rubber and is super-creepy, and Adalind gets her Hexenbiest powers back finally. Looks Adalind and baby will get more than two minutes of screen time next week. We'll see how that goes.

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Assorted Musings:

• I did not know Wu's first name was Drew, but "Drew Wu" makes me giggle every time I think about it.


• Of course Wu has a cat.

• I admit, I do like Nick and Team Grimm's habit of discussing the day's gruesome, bizarre attacks/murders over an elaborate group dinner.


• If you're wondering if Wu is really better at detective work than Nick or Hank, Wu never said upon learning that Dana was injected with a natural sedative called valerian root, "Maybe it has something to do with what stabbed her!"

• Speaking of, if you heard "Valyrian root" when they said "valerian root," congratulations, you're a huge Game of Thrones nerd. I'm happy to have the company.


• Hank is very pro-Wu learning in the beginning, but changes his mind. So now he's an asshole too.

• So in the final conflict, Grandma changes into the Aswang, but continues wearing the clothes she came in with. But in the first attack, the Aswang is completely naked. Which means at some point there was a naked, elderly Filipino lady on Dana's lawn at some point. Weird.


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Fangs for the Fantasy

I can see Nick and Hank being reluctant to tell the truth for a while - even when Wu comes up with the info on the Aswang. After all, this is life changing information and also will inherently reveal Monroe or Rosalie who are clearly not on the side of revelation - and that must be their choives

Right up until the point of Wu checking himself into a mental hospital... then NO. Yes it's world changing, yes it's dangerous, yes keeping him out of it would be preferable and yes it is someone else's secret your jeopardizing. But the minute Wu is clearly doubting his own sanity then it is time to step in - especially since Hank and Juliette have been through that and Hank was clear how bad it was.

They have to tell him in the next episodes - they can't LEAVE him in the hospital like that