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The Environmental Disaster Film Geostorm Sounds All Kinds of Crazy

Illustration for article titled The Environmental Disaster Film iGeostorm/i Sounds All Kinds of Crazy

For the past few years, we’ve been hearing rumblings about an environmentally centered science fiction disaster film called Geostorm, starring Gerard Butler and directed by Independence Day and Stargate producer Dean Devlin. But it sounds like we hadn’t even heard the half of it.


What we first learned, back in 2014, was that it was about “a satellite designer trying to prevent disaster, after Earth’s climate-control satellites fail.” It would be Devlin’s directorial debut, after working closely with disaster-master Roland Emmerich for so long.

However, the Hollywood Reporter is now reporting the film, which has shifted release dates several times, just underwent a transformative set of reshoots. The reshoots encompassed two weeks, up to $15 million, and major changes including the addition and subtraction of characters and plotlines. Plus Jerry Bruckheimer, who wasn’t involved at the start, was brought on to produce.


Along with that comes more info on the movie itself. “Butler plays a man who heads into space to prevent climate-controlling satellites from creating a man-made storm of epic proportions. At the same time, he and his estranged brother learn of a plot to assassinate the president,” according to the story.

Holy shit, where can we sign up?

Oddly, Devlin reportedly did not direct the reshoots himself. Danny Cannon, who has done recent work on Gotham, did. And while this all sounds like bad news, ultimately it may not be. This kind of investment means that the production company, in this case Skydance, has confidence in the film and what it thinks are answers to fix it. We really hope so. Because Armageddon with Gerald Butler sounds amazing, even if the track record isn’t quite there.

Read more about Geostorm in the original Hollywood Reporter story, linked below. It’s currently set for release October 20, 2017.

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Entertainment Reporter for io9/Gizmodo

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But geo-engineering really is a terrible idea, and for just the reasons mentioned here - we don’t really know what it’ll do, and don’t know what happens if it fails.

Hollywood, of course, is known for its conservative engineering mind-set. Build weapons the size of small moons? Undone by treachery and sabotage. Re-create large, dangerous but extinct animals for novelty zoos? The public is endangered when they inevitably escape. Keep giant alien robots beneath Hoover dam for study? It just draws the rest of them here. A healthy skepticism of geo-engineering is just part of the pattern.