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It's no secret The Walking Dead spent hours of precious zombie carnage time looking for Sophia, the missing girl from their pack. The only thing more frustrating than watching our beloved Daryl fruitlessly search for this tiny tot was when the characters talked about searching for her. Which they did. A lot. Here is Sophia's entire Season 2 narrative arc in two simple minutes. Spoilers ahead.


Thanks to Vulture for editing this bit together, so we can see how ridiculous it all when smooshed together. As many of you know, the mid-season finale marked the end of this search. In fact, the gruesome end of Sophia seemed to win many of you back!


Personally, I'm much more concerned as to why Hershel Greene never told Rick's gang he had Sophia in the first place, since divulging this would have forced the group off his land immediately. He didn't have to show his zombie barn either — he could have just let her out and said, "Hey, look! Is this that girl you spend the majority of the time looking for? Great, she's dead now! Get the hell out!" Did Sophia's final moments redeem the second season of Walking Dead for you? Here is her super-dramatic last hurrah (re-edited with even more melodrama).

UPDATE: Some folks are pointing out that Kirkman explained on Talking Dead that Otis was the one who did all the zombie wrangling. Sure fine OK, but honestly that's a supremely flimsy cover. And how would the feeders not notice a little zombie girl wandering around. Surely they fed them everyday if they truly believed they could be cured. Just sayin.... Loved the reveal, not so much the days leading up to it.

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