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The Ending of The Force Awakens Could Have Been a Lot More Anticlimactic

Luke, why?
Luke, why?
Photo: Lucasfilm/Disney

Star Wars: The Force Awakens ended with one of the all-time blockbuster cliffhangers, as an audience of reverent Star Wars fans waited for years for Luke Skywalker to speak his first words in decades and to finally, after all this time, just take the danged lightsaber.


Of course, we now know that’s not, uh, precisely how it went down. In Luke’s first scene in The Last Jedi, Johnson was daring enough to take all the gravitas the earlier movie and built and throw it into the sea like so many old laser swords

One fan on Twitter imagines a world where that last scene of The Force Awakens lasted just, oh, say, a few seconds more. And the thrilling cliffhanger became the most unintentionally hilarious.


I can’t fully articulate why this is so funny to me—the inevitability, perhaps, and imagining waiting for the release of The Last Jedi to explain Luke’s unexpected reaction. That and, without the gap between two movies to instill a little bit of dread into Luke and Rey’s meeting, it just makes the poor woman look hapless. Really, the only thing it’s missing is the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme as we star wipe into the credits.

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Jack Conner

“Johnson was daring enough” — Really?


Why is io9 still defending the horror show that is The Last Jedi? It’s the movie that has just about killed Star Wars, and five months ago I would’ve said that was impossible.