What Cliffhanger Did You Predict The Best (But Wrong) Resolution For?

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The best cliffhangers leave you guessing how they’re going to be resolved — waiting a week, or sometimes months, to find out what’s going to happen next. And sometimes... you guess wrong. Which cliffhanger did you come up with a really neat way of resolving, that didn’t actually turn out to be correct?


Please include a picture, clip, poster, comics panel, book cover or other visual representation of your chosen cliffhanger. And please mention the name of the series, the cliffhanger, and how you thought it was going to be resolved — plus how it actually was resolved. Thanks!

Top image: Doctor Who, “The Sound of Drums.” The Master has won! The Doctor has been turned into an old man. Millions of Toclafane spheres are taking over the Earth. It’s all horrible. And I sort of assumed that the Doctor, who’d had ample time inside his own TARDIS not long before, would have done something clever to tinker with the Master’s “paradox machine” that would cause the Master’s evil plans to unravel. I did not expect the Doctor to have told Martha to wander the Earth for a year acting as his publicist, at all.

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The ending of Matrix Reloaded. Neo uses Matrix-like abilities in the real world and then passes out; Agent Smith has successfully downloaded himself into the man in the very same sick bay as Neo! *roll end credits*

Obvious solution: the “real world” is just another Matrix simulation and the citizens of Zion were never truly free. This feeds into the franchise’s themes of control and free will very nicely as well as providing the third film with a much-needed story twist to keep things interesting.

Actual solution: Neo is Jesus. Agent Smith can just do these things now, because. Let’s watch a 20 minute battle scene with endless robot squids and fall asleep.