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Good news for those of you who had plans for this summer: armageddon is no longer starting in July. Roland Emmerich's next movie, 2012 has been pushed back to a November opening, ruining Thanksgiving instead.


Emmerich's 2012 — a disaster movie about the end of the world, with the privileged few trying to survive on Noah's Ark-like spaceships — was originally going to open on July 10th and be Sony's contender for the big summer blockbuster movie crown this year, taking on Transformers 2 and Star Trek at the box office... until Sony blinked, and moved the movie's release to November 13th.

Officially, the reason for the move is that Sony's summer is already too crowded with awesome, according to the studio; Variety reports Rory Bruer, the studio's president of distribution as saying that Sony's summer is so strong with the remake of The Taking Of Pelham 1-2-3 and DaVinci Code sequel Angels And Demons that 2012 would do better at Thanksgiving... where it'll be head-to-head with the next Twilight movie. Now there's a good enough reason to hope for apocalypse.


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