The End Of Heroes And Humanity In This Week's Television

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Television may be clearing decks in preparation for the Olympics (which start Friday), but that doesn't mean we're missing out entirely, with new Lost, the US debut of Survivors and maybe the final ever episode of Heroes.


Get your week started off on the... well, wrong foot, with an Early Edition marathon from 8am through 1pm, but don't worry, it gets better from there: 8pm brings the traditional choice between House on Fox (A day in the life of Cuddy) and Chuck on NBC (Chuck goes undercover with Hannah, while Morgan and Ellie try to work out what's going on), but the night belongs to Heroes at 9pm on NBC. Is "Brave New World" the end of the season or the end of the series? Who knows, but it's an end, nonetheless, and we'll take it.

The Sentinel is Syfy's marathon of the day, from 8pm until 3pm, and from there it's just marking time until 9pm... But with Primer on IFC at 12:45 and Pitch Black on AMC at 8, there are worse ways to mark time. In the off-chance that you're not planning on watching the second Lost on ABC at 9pm (after a re-run of the second half of last week's premiere at 8), Fox is premiering Past Life, their new "psychologists solve murders by talking to the victims' reincarnated selves" show at the same time. But, really: We'll all be watching Lost, right?

It's the end of the world as Skeet Ulrich knows it, in Syfy's Jericho marathon, from 8am through 3pm, and then it's all about the movie channels: Solaris is on IFC at 11:30am (The remake, for those who're curious), and the original Stargate airs 12:30pm on AMC. Otherwise, you're stuck with Human Target on Fox at 8pm.


Relive Eliza Dushku's other television series with a Tru Calling marathon on Syfy from 8am through 3pm, and then we're into a supernatural evening, with Vampire Diaries and Supernatural on the CW at 8 and 9, respectively (Stefan opens tombs and helps Elena and Bonnie out of a dangerous situation, but not necessarily at the same time, in Vampire, and Supernatural asks the topical question "Is Cupid leading lovers to kill each other?" The answer, of course, is "it's Valentines, so yes"), while Fox tries Past Life again with a second episode at 9pm. The best part of the night, though, is probably the werewolf double-bill on Syfy with War Wolves (Special Ops versus werewolves!) at 7pm and Dog Soldiers (British soldiers versus werewolves!) at 10pm. How can you resist?!?

Because you're probably going to ignore the Outer Limits marathon on Syfy from 8am through 2pm, Friday becomes vampire day, thanks to IFC, with Night Watch at 1:45pm, followed by Near Dark (3:45) and Shadow of The Vampire at 5:25. Which means you'll miss a new episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold on Cartoon Network at 7:30 (This week is definitely the Zur-En-Arrh episode, honest), as well as a new Smallville on the CW at 8pm, where Clark gets upstaged by a new superhero who isn't what he seems... (For fans of magicians in fishnet stockings, Zatanna's first episode, "Hex", is re-run at 9). If you like your superheroes arachnid-themed, ABC has something called Spider-Man 2.1 also at 8, which is the second movie with eight minutes not shown in theaters. There's also a brand new Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network at 9.

Set your TiVos for War of The Colossal Beast on AMC at 4:30am, purely for the plot description of "Radiation is blamed as a monster runs amuck." Such cinematic B-movie magic lives on later that night, when Syfy airs Transmorphers: Fall of Man, the prequel to Transformers rip-off Transmorphers, starring Bruce Boxleitner, because apparently he needed the money. More interestingly, British apocalyptic drama Survivors premieres on BBC America at 8pm.

Finally, finish your week with a rerun of Doctor Who's "End Of Time" (edited together into one three hour experience) on BBC America at 8pm.


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if heroes ends my only hope is the hammy actors are not employed elsewhere. otherwise what was once a horrible thing in concentrate just gets exploded all over other shows.

i'm looking at you ali larter. you cant act go back to getting your picture taken.