Almost exactly 30 years after she started, Ace/Roc editor Ginjer Buchanan is retiring. Her encyclopedic knowledge and keen editorial eye have been a major asset to science fiction publishing for the past few decades, and the field will not be the same without her.

Top image: Jennie Ivins/Flickr.

Back in 1984, Buchanan originally went to work for Berkley Publishing Group, which is now a division of Penguin Random House. The announcement, over at Publishers Lunch, quotes Berkley president and publisher Leslie Gelbman as saying:

"During her thirty years with Ace and Roc, Ginjer was essential in growing our science fiction and fantasy list and launching the careers of several bestselling authors. Her love for the genre and books in general and dedication to her authors is unparalleled, and she's a key reason Ace/Roc is one of the preeminent science fiction-fantasy publishers."


Below is a great interview with Buchanan about book editing:

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