The Elements a Fables Movie Must Have, According to Mark Buckingham

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Warner Bros. has put a movie based on the Fables comic into development, and at Comic-Con DC's Diane Nelson said Fables is a top priority. So when we ran into Fables artist Mark Buckingham, we wanted to ask him what are the crucial things a Fables movie must have, to be called Fables.


Says Buckingham:

I think if it doesn't have Snow White and Bigby [Wolf] in it, then... [that's a problem]. They were such a core element of the first 50 issues of the story. So I think their romance, their relationship, is a really core aspect of the series. Beyond that, the beauty of Fables is it has such a rich cast, and you can really cherry-pick a lot of different aspects from it, and create a really good story, even if you don't necessarily follow the entire narrative.

He adds that he hopes director Nikolaj Arcel and whoever winds up being the cinematographer don't try to copy his art style:

I always treat these things as very different beasts. When they take a comic and decide to make a TV series or an animation or a movie, I think it's up to them to find their own voice and their own vision for how to make that translation into another medium. So for me, the excitement's going to be seeing how they interpret what we do and take it into a new and exciting direction. I'm not looking for anyone to be wedded to the comic, I think all of these things are springboards into new areas.


Watch for yourself right here:



Even though Fables predates the recent spate of TV fairy tale realism, you just know any review will claim that it's based on the popularity of Once Upon a Time, Grimm or whatever is still on when it comes out.