The Edge Spills The Musical Secrets Behind Spider-Man's Broadway Debut

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Will we ever see the web-slinging wonder underneath the bright Broadway lights? U2's The Edge seems to think the Spider-Man musical could open in just a year, and he shares more details on its sound.

In an interview with QThe Music, U2's guitarist revealed all the details behind his hard work putting songs to Spidey's adventures, with Bono and director Julie Taymor.

The Edge talked about working with scriptwriter Glenn Berger, "He’s come up with some great dialogue. The overall story was really Julie working with Glenn, and Bono and myself riding shotgun with the odd idea here and there – as they do for the songs." So it sounds like U2 and Taymor are all in, and it's really happening.


As far as the sound goes:

"There won’t be a full orchestra – it’ll be something like 18 or 20 musicians: string players, brass, some woodwind. The core will be a rock’n’roll band. But it is going to be interesting to write for other people. We have already written a lot of songs that are for women to sing. That’s a whole other set of challenges, to write in the right key and all those technical things." Which sounds still pretty darn big if you ask me. I'm excited for a chorus to just start belting it while the Man himself swings over the audience.

It sounds like everything is lining up for the Spider-Man musical to actually take place. The music is getting refined, the cast is growing, all we need now is someone to convince Jim Sturgess to sign on for Spidey and we're set.



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