The effects of the ongoing financial wormhole are more sweeping than you'd realized — not only is the Wall Street SNAFU destroying my 401(k), it's also bringing us more Knight Rider. According to the trades, the networks are keeping lesser-performing shows like Rider and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on the air because there's no money to launch new shows.While I'm happy the slump is saving the Sarah Connor Chronicles, I fear that the price is too high. What kind of world is this when a show about a talking car is remade and even the rehab-bound lead actor from the original who hosts a national talent show won't go near it? But apparently desperate times call for terrible television. According to The Hollywood Reporter's sources, the financial crisis and the amount of money it costs to market a new show, plus the lack of new programming due to the writer's strike, formed an unholy trifecta that made it worth keeping underperforming shows on the air. At the same time, even the more successful shows aren't doing that great. Golden Girls and Desperate Housewives producer Marc Cherry pointed this out at the New York TV Festival, telling the audience that the number of viewers for past shows were millions of eyes higher than the current ratings. I blame the computer. Time to embrace the future that is TV on the laptop, Hollywood. [THR]