The Earth and the Astronaut – 1969

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Remember the time NASA sent some humans into space with a lunar module and had them photograph it from low-Earth orbit?



This image, taken on March 6, 1969, shows the Apollo 9 Command and Service Modules docked with the Lunar Module. Apollo 9 astronaut Dave Scott stands in the open hatch of the Command Module, nicknamed "Gumdrop," docked to the Lunar Module "Spider" in Earth orbit. His crewmate Rusty Schweickart, lunar module pilot, took this photograph from the porch of the lunar module. Inside the lunar module was Apollo 9 commander Jim McDivitt. The crew tested the orbital rendezvous and docking procedures that made the lunar landings possible.

Illustration for article titled The Earth and the Astronaut – 1969

Talk about an epic shot (click the image above for hi-res). Just a friendly reminder of the forays humans have made in space exploration – and how far we've yet to travel.

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Right, so whenever I see this early space-travel my mind goes to that scene in Apollo 13 where they have to do some calculations and have ground control double-check? And they used slide-rules. Logically, I can accept slide rules. They got shit done. But then the other part of me screams that we sent people to the freaking moon using slide rules.

Anyone else? No? Just me? I thought so.