Ink is an indie urban fantasy flick about a battle between the creatures who deliver good dreams and those who deliver nightmares. Clearly influenced by tales like Sandman, it's a fairy tale about a girl who is stolen by a dreamworld demon named Ink who needs to make a sacrifice to join the ranks of the cool-looking nightmare gang. Here's a preview for the movie, which looks really gorgeous.

There's an obvious cheese factor here to contend with - the echoey voiceover goes on for far too long, and the battle for the soul of a little white girl is somewhat played out. Despite that, there's something really creative and fun about Ink. Director Jamin Winans is no stranger to the genre: His previous film Spin was about a time-traveling DJ. A big part of what makes Ink enticing is the breathtaking concept design, which is a combination of Matrix-style surrealism and Neverwhere's odd realism. Also, it's hard not to like the idea of a gang of good dreamers fighting it out with nightmares on the city streets.


Ink [via Double Edge Films]

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