Illustration for article titled The Dragon Mother Always Carries Her Young Atop Her Snout

"From me to you Little one, know that I will always watch over you, I will always protect you and I will always love you. Carry my example on to your children and you will make me proud." Story and art by Lamin Martin.


Over email, Martin told us a little bit about the inspiration behind this piece, titled "Little Darling":

Dragons, to me, have always been majestic, wise and loving creatures. With the idea that they're very family oriented, I decided to come up with an image of a mother caring for her baby while walking through a forest. I really wanted to focus on the warmth of the lighting to parallel the warmth of a mother's love for her child.


You can see more of Martin's personal and profession work at his portfolio site and buy books, prints, and other products from his store.

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