The Dos and Don'ts of Cybersex

If you want to see a classic cybersex scene, it doesn't get better than this one from early-90s flick Lawnmower Man. Starring pre-Bond Pierce Brosnan as a mad scientist who turns his dim-witted neighbor into a genius with bad VR, the movie is all about the joys and dangers of cyber-everything. In this scene, the now-supersmart neighbor kid gets his cute new girlfriend to jump into the bad VR place with him and goes all tentacley on her ass. Can ultra-cheesy CGI be NSFW? If yes, then this is definitely NSFW. If you're going to miss my little lessons on the dos and don'ts of science fiction sex at the Arse Elektronica Awards in San Francisco tomorrow night, consider this clip a summary of all that is wrong with sex in the scifi world. I'll be showing this tomorrow, and explaining step-by-step where this sex scene went wrong. And how it could have gone oh so right! [Lawnmower Man via IMDB]


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This movie is almost singlehandedly responsible for my current career path. Thanks, Brett... I think.