The Doctor's New Assistant May Be Bionic

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Ignore any idea of popster Lily Allen being the eleventh Doctor's companion. There's a new name being bandied about to join the cast of Doctor Who... and it's a little more believable: Michelle Ryan.

Ryan may be best known to Americans as the lead in the failed Bionic Woman reboot from 2007, but prior to that, she had appeared in British drama Jekyll — written and exec-produced by new Doctor Who boss Steven Moffat. According to British tabloid, the Sunday Mirror, an anonymous source involved in Who production said,

Michelle's been in secret talks with BBC bosses. They are likely to announce her as Doctor Who's new assistant very soon. She is perfect for the role. She is goodlooking and the right age to star alongside Matt. Everyone agrees they look great together and reckon fans will think they're the perfect team too.


If true, the decision would make sense — through Bionic Woman and current BBC series Merlin, Ryan has become comfortable with genre television fans, and a high-profile role on Who may give her career a boost in the same way that it did Billie Piper's.

Doctor Who's New Assistant Set To Be Ex-Eastenders Star Michelle Ryan []

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She had a beautiful role in Jekyll - got to start out hard as nails and just go to pieces when she realized just how far in over her head she was during the episode when the lights when out, and still come back relatively whole. Moffat writes good, strong roles for women. My guess is that she'll be capable of anything until situations get really really bad. I think this won't be a case of the Doctor always has to save the girl.

I say well done.