The Doctor Who Season 7 trailer is here!

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Sure, we saw a version this weekend that was filmed with a maraca, but here's the real deal. Watch as the Doctor gets his Back To The Future: Part III moment. Actually, it looks a twinge more Westworld, what with the angry cyborg gunslinger. Also, Amy learns firearm safety. Here's the official BBC synopsis for the first trailer for next season, which airs later this year:

The new season will see the last days of the Ponds, with Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill making their final rollercoaster voyage with The Doctor (Matt Smith). Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) have been at the Doctor's side for more than two seasons but what will he do after their heartbreaking departure?

New guest stars so far confirmed to star will include David Bradley, Rupert Graves and Mark Williams. Season 7 will then see a dramatic turn of events when The Doctor meets a new friend - the recently-announced new companion, played by Jenna-Louse Coleman.


Hat tip to Ursas-Veritas!


Oh, please, oh, please, someone in the Old West call him "Doc" like in a nod to Back to the Future III. And for future reference, Moffat and the rest of the British writing staff, we never say "AN American" here when referring to a person. We really don't use an article. It sounds weird to us. It's just "American." As in "Everyone who isn't American here, drop your gun." Like we wouldn't say, "She's an American." We would say, "She's American." I know it's a pure pet peeve but that pulled me out of the scene.