The Doctor Who comic license returns to jolly old England

Illustration for article titled The emDoctor Who/em comic license returns to jolly old England

It's not quite the level of Dark Horse losing Star Wars, but IDW has to be smarting today after Titan Comics announced they'll be taking over the Doctor Who license and publishing comics later this year — including the first comics featuring the Twelth Doctor, Peter Capaldi.


Titan is based in England, but they obviously have a sizable presence in the States, having published titles like Death Sentence, Solid State Tank Girl, It Came!, and more. I hadn't really been able to read much of IDW's Who comics, so I don't know if this is great news, a tragedy, or just something to note. Of course, it'll be helpful when Titan announces the new writer/artists teams here in a few weeks. Anybody especially happy, sad or furious at this change?

(Top imag: "12eyes" by Deviant artist loridb. There's no Titan art yet, obviously, and it seemed weird to use an IDW comic image.)

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Rutherford Q. Churchwalsh

Wouldn't he be the fourteenth Doctor?