Seriously, I donā€™t think anyone was expecting something like this composition from Doctor Strangeā€™s scoreā€”and honestly, if the rest of the tracks are like this, it might be the first time in a while a Marvel movie has a memorable original soundtrack.


Marvel just released ā€œThe Master of the Mystic End Credits,ā€ Michael Giacchinoā€™s music for, you guessed it, Doctor Strangeā€™s end credits. Itā€™s certainly unlike anything youā€™d expect from a typical Marvel movie soundtrackā€”its eclectic instrumental choices definitely try to evoke that psychedelia of the earliest Doctor Strange comics. Itā€™s sort of like a cross between the Sherlock soundtrack (appropriate, considering the lead actor) and, as my delightful editor Rob Bricken put it, ā€œMark Knopfler at a renaissance festival with the Phantom of the Opera on harpischord.ā€

Whatever it is, it sounds delightfully... strange. (Sorry not sorry.) Doctor Strange hits theaters November 4, but the soundtrack will be supposedly available for download on October 21, although the link Marvel provided seems to be busted.