Have you ever wondered what Mickey Mouse and friends would look like if they narcissistically constructed giant robot duplicates of their own personages?

And what if these smaller Disneybots could snap together into an intergalactic war machine that zoomed around the cosmos, annihilating evildoers with the Disneyfied version of Lou Bega's "Mambo #5" blasted at volumes that could easily shatter continents?


Well, this engine of pastel destruction would probably look like the Chogokin King Robot Mickey & Friends 22-centimeter-tall toy, which will go on sale next March for 12,800 yen (approximately $160). That's way too much for anybody to pay for a Mickey Mouse mech BUT ITS HEAD IS STEAMBOAT WILLY.

Truth be told, this toy has much more in common with the Mazinger and Super Sentai series than Voltron — apologies for calling this a "Voltron" in the same way photocopies are referred to offhand as "Xeroxes." Anyway, here's the translation from the Tamashii website (via Jefusion) with regards to this Bandai toy:

Chogokin King Robot Mickey & Friends is composed of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Steamboat Willy, Donald and Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Pluto. Ace Willy is the head, Jet Mickey and Sky Minnie will be the torso, Diver Donald and Aqua Daisy are the arms, while Land Goofy and Dash Pluto & Doghouse will be the legs.


There is a vehicle named "Land Goofy." BE STILL MY BEATING HEART. It's unclear when this chipper monstrosity will hit the states, but here's hoping. Also, if anybody at Bandai wants to see my brand new, crudely drawn, crayon-and-coffee-stain concept art for "The Rescuers Down Under Orbital Array," "The Geppetto 'Old Hickory' ICBM," or "The Mathemagic Plasma Masamune," here's my email.


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