Disney movies are full of beloved characters, from the famous Princesses to the swashbuckling heroes. But what about the Disney characters that never made it to the screen? Like Aladdin's Mom, and Snow White's hideously offensive extra dwarf. Here are the most surprising Disney characters that you never knew existed.

Aladdin's Mom - Aladdin

Aladdin is absolutely lousy with cut characters, due to the movie's copious rewrites. Thankfully some of these edits morphed Princess Jasmine into a better human (seriously she had a whole song called "Call Me A Princess." But they also got rid of another (evil) genie, and Aladdin's Mom. And along with her went this really beautiful song "Proud of Your Boy" written by lyricist Howard Ashman, who tragically died very early in his career. The video, taken from an Aladdin documentary, is almost hard to watch as so many people who worked with Ashman lament about the his sad passing, and their sadness at the deletion of this truly beautiful song.

Aladdin's BAND - Aladdin

Possibly the most surprising fact about earlier versions of Aladdin is the fact that ALADDIN WAS IN A BAND CALLED THE STREET RATS. Their scenes were cut, but they will live in our hearts forever, in this song. Street Rats on three!


Senorita Cactus - Toy Story 2

We kind of see what they were trying to do here. You see, Senorita Cactus was originally a member of the "Woody Roundup Gang," so she's an older toy. Probably best it was cut.

Just About Every Inanimate Object You Can Dream Of - Beauty and the Beast

Lots and lots of oddball "inanimate object" characters were cut from Beauty and the Beast. Watch this cut storyboarded scene, where objects just start tumbling all over themselves to talk to Belle, and you can imagine why some of these characters had to be locked in a closet. There was a globe, a dictionary, a telescope... the list goes on. But one cut creation that actually made it to the big screen was the music box, who could only speak in song. Here it is:


Belle's Little Kid Sister - Beauty and the Beast

The strangest cut from Beauty and the Beast was Belle's little sister, Clarice, who was cut. She was just a darling girl who was in love with her sister, but she had to go — because all of Disney's main characters have to be alone forever. Seriously, are there any Disney main characters with brothers or sisters? Maybe one or two, tops. Alice has a sister, but I don't know if she's in the movie. Hell, her cat Dinah gets more screen time than her. All I can really think of are Ariel (who has the BEST sisters) and Lilo.

Gryphon and The Mock Turtle - Alice in Wonderland

Not important enough for the movie — but good enough to be featured in a collection of Disney themed Jell-O commercials. But would any of the kids even know what these mutant beings are? My guess is no.



A whole mess of Dwarves were scrapped in the creation of the Original Seven, and some of their names were pretty terrible including Baldy, Jumpy, Goopy, Gaspy, Woeful, Soulful, Tearful, Wheezy and DEAFY. Deafy is hands down the most offensive. But according to an old 1930's draft of the script, Deafy and Grumpy HATED EACH OTHER. There was also another dwarf simply named Awful who stole and drank and smelled bad. Kind of wish he made the cut.


Image via Disney Wiki.

Mheetu - Lion King

Get it? Me Too! Back when Lion King was just King of the Jungle, there were even MORE animal pals for Simba to play with. According to the Lion King Laser Disc (I know, right?) Mheetu was Nala's baby brother and he was always getting into trouble. A very, very early version of the draft had him AND Simba being rescued by Mufasa.


Image via Lion King Wiki.

Gendarme - Pinocchio

Your run-of-the-mill Disney captain-of-the-guard dickhead. While this bad guy was cut from the movie, his men are sometimes referred to. Alas, Pinocchio had enough horrifying creatures in the final version already, so he was cast out.


Clarissa the Turtle and Jabber the Crow- Cinderella

Not all of the birds in Cinderella's sing-song helper crew were cute little blue birds with nice hats. One, named Jabber, was a crow. He was friends with Bruno and Major (two animals that made the final cut) and he was in love with a dove. Adorable.


Also, Cinderella had a pet turtle allegedly named Clarissa, who was transformed into her lady in waiting by her fairy Godmother. We need to let the idea of Cinderella having a pet turtle sink in, because that is just awesome. Do you think her bowl also had a fake plastic palm tree?

Image via Disney Wiki.

And those are the biggest surprises — not necessarily the 1,000 characters cut from The Emperor's New Groove, because that's basically an entirely new movie or all the animals that didn't make the Lion King cut — but actual standout characters, who would have changed the way we viewed the picture. So, who did we miss?


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