Look at this plush Tauntaun. Look at the fact that, in order to gain access to the equally adorable plushes inside it, you have to mimic the act of slicing the tauntaun open. I don’t think I could do it. This is the most horrifically delightful stuffed toy collection ever.

Disney has revealed that its latest line of collectable Tsum-Tsum plushies—designs that originated in a Japanese Disney mobile game, have since gone on to become wildly popular collectable plushies, and hell, have even gotten their own Marvel comic—will be based on the Hoth sequences from Empire Strikes Back. There’s two series: a more traditional set that features Princess Leia, 2-1B, a Snowtrooper, and some other Hoth-based characters for you to stack up and admire:


And then... the Tauntaun collection.

Featuring Han, Luke, a Tauntaun, and a Wampa, the cute quartet has its own Tauntaun-styled carrying case which lets you house them inside its guts to protect them from hostile planetary environments. Yes, there’s basically a baby Tauntaun stuffed inside the carcass of an adult Tauntaun. In plush form. I can’t handle the emotional whiplash of veering between “d’aaaw so cute” and “oh god, why” so rapidly like this!

If there’s any children in your life you’d like to traumatize this Christmas, the Hoth Tsum Tsums will be available at Disney Stores (and online) starting December 20th. There’s no price for the Tauntaun bundle yet, but an individual Tsum Tusm will set you back about $6 for the smallest versions.


James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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