The Director's Cut of Marvel's Vision Is Full of Even More Gorgeous Art

All images: Marvel

Part of what made Marvel’s Vision series one of 2015's best comics was artist Gabriel Hernandez Walta’s striking illustrations of the Vision family struggling to acclimate to suburban domesticity. If writer Tom King brought Vision to life, it was Walta that gave the series its soul.

Though Vision’s been wrapped for a few months now, a new director’s cut of the series is slated to drop on June 14th, featuring two issues per book and a slew of new art from Walta’s sketchbook detailing how he created the new Visions.


In an interview with Marvel, Walta explained that he imagined Viv, Vin, and Virginia as being variations of the original Vision’s design individualized to embody the nuclear family that the Vision was trying to create. For Vision’s overall style, Walta wanted to emphasize the everyday banality of life that the Visions were trying so hard to maintain.

“From the start I knew that I wanted to develop the kind of ‘invisible style’ that film directors like Billy Wilder or comic book artists like Dave Gibbons used in their works,” Walta said. “Rather than using flashy visuals I felt that it was better to let the characters act before the reader and use all the storytelling devices I could to capture all the subtlety and poetry of Tom’s writing.”


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