The Director of the New It Movie Signs On To Bring Robotech To the Big Screen

Image: Harmony Gold
Image: Harmony Gold

Two long years after being announced, there are signs that Warner Bros.’ live-action Robotech movie might actually be moving forward. The Hollywood Reporter says that Andy Muschietti, fresh off directing the upcoming movie adaptation of Stephen King’s horror classic It, has been hired to helm Robotech.


Muschetti’s name was bandied about in the early stages, but then James Wan—who’s working on Aquaman—was attached to the project. It’s based on the beloved ‘80s cartoon, cobbled together from three different anime series, about a giant spaceship named the SDF-1, the equally giant aliens who want it, and the normal-sized fight pilots who protect it in their transforming jets/robots. (Also, romance.) Unsurprisingly, Robotech has been talked about as a new potential franchise.

Muschetti’s previous directing credit was the horror film Mama and he’s also signed on for the pilot of Hulu’s adaptation of Joe Hill’s beloved Locke & Key comics series. Of course, Hollywood being what it is, this new development doesn’t guarantee that a movie will get made—but getting a up-and-coming, in-demand talent in the mecha movie’s director chair is a very good sign.

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How about NO. Bring Macross to the big screen, not what ever that abomination of used parts that Robotech was