The director of The Adjustment Bureau has a mysterious new action movie

Illustration for article titled The director of emThe Adjustment Bureau/em has a mysterious new action movie

George Nolfi reached for the paranoid, reality-warping style of Philip K. Dick with his hat-centric movie The Adjustment Bureau. And now he's coming back, with a brand new science fiction action movie about which we know absolutely nothing. Nolfi is co-writing the screenplay with Andrew Knauer, who wrote Arnold Schwarzenegger's comeback movie The Last Stand. And Michael Hackett, who produced another Philip K. Dick adaptation, Paycheck, is producing. As of now, there's no synopsis or title — but the pedigree suggests something with at least a notable PKD influence. [Hollywood Reporter]


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Might be just me, but it sounds odd to say a director reached for the style of an author when the movie was an adaptation of a story by that same author.

It would be like saying "Peter Jackson reached for the richly textured fantasy style of JRR Tolkien with his dwarf-centric movie The Hobbit". Doesn't that make you go "huh"?