The Director of Overlord Will Try to Make a New Flash Gordon Movie

Flash Gordon could be making a big screen comeback.
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Hollywood has been trying to make a new Flash Gordon movie for yearsand now, an up-and-coming director has just approached the plate.

Deadline reports that Julius Avery, director of the upcoming zombie movie Overlord, has been hired by Fox to write and direct a new Flash Gordon movie. The piece doesn’t call it a “remake” or a “reboot,” though, simply because the famous 1980 film is just one of dozens of different iterations of the popular, serialized character. Flash was born in a comic strip in the 1930s and from there became a comic book star, a serialized film star, television star, radio star, animated TV star, and a movie star.


A few years ago, Kingsman director Matthew Vaughn was attached to make the film and he remains part of the project as a producer. Beyond that, there aren’t many concrete details except that Avery is a fan, pitched his take on the material, and got the job.

Since the Flash Gordon character been seen in basically every medium imaginable, there’s no real telling what Avery’s take on the material will be. One hint, though, is that the film is set up at Fox, which we all know will soon be owned by Disney. Since this would happen after that deal is concluded, one could safely assume it’ll be a family friendly, PG-13 type of space adventure. Thankfully, Avery’s latest film, Overlord, is only a few weeks away from release, so there’s a good chance he’ll be forced to offer up some more info before that.

Oh, by the way, Overlord is super good.


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