The Director of Kong: Skull Island Gives Some Harsh, Funny Criticisms of His Own Film

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We love it when filmmakers admit they’ve made mistakes, but none have done it quite like this.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the director of Kong: Skull Island, got a lot of recognition last month when he went on a multi-day Twitter rant against the YouTube channel CinemaSins. It produced a nearly 20-minute video about his movie, and Vogt-Roberts took exception to it. Not because it was critical of his film, but because he felt CinemaSins was wrong and misguided in its entire endeavor. It’s a great read.


One of CinemaSins’ primary competitors is Honest Trailers by ScreenJunkies, another popular YouTube series that pokes fun at movies. Today, its trailer for Kong: Skull Island went online and not only does Vogt-Roberts show up in it, he offers his own criticisms of the film itself. Check it out.

Vogt-Roberts pops up about two minutes in and, if you didn’t make it to the end of the video, it’s pointed out that his appearance was not a direct jab at CinemaSins or an attempt to capitalize on the news. There’s video footage of the director agreeing to help with the Honest Trailer a month before the whole thing went down. So the timing is just a happy coincidence.

And even if this video didn’t act as a de facto cap on the entire story, it’s refreshing to see a director be blunt about the problems a movie has: too many characters, no character arcs, perfect hair, etc. To be fair though, that’s much easier to do after the film grosses almost $600 million worldwide, like Kong did.



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