The Director of It Is Killing on Instagram With His Spooky Behind-the-Scenes Photos

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The new big-screen adaptation of Stephen King’s It won’t be out until Sept. 2017, but we’re already very curious. Truthfully, we’d already be looking forward to the thing—the book and the 1990 miniseries were both scary as hell—but director Andy Muschietti is killing it with his sneak peeks on Instagram.


Behind-the-scenes glimpses from movie and TV sets are nothing new on social media. But so far, Muschietti hasn’t posted anything that’s just, like, a couple of costumed cast members grinning in a candid moment between shots. Instead, he shares an artful mix of storyboards, important props, and enigmatic images that hold deep meaning when viewed in the context of the movie.

Like for instance, this creepy ornate gate that reveals an address in its pattern:

As Instagram comments and Birth Movies Death point out, that’s clearly the gate to 29 Neibolt Street, maybe the scariest old house in Derry, Maine. The characters have several key encounters with It within its walls (and its sewer pipes).

These are also quite nice (note the familiar-looking actor playing Richie Tozier is Finn Wolfhard, aka Mike in Stranger Things):

And here’s one more, which isn’t immediately identifiable, other than as a terrifying reminder that we all float down here:


Check out the whole set—including glimpses of a certain iconic silver bicycle—at Andy Muschietti’s often-updated Instagram page.

[Collider via Birth Movies Death]


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Still wondering how they’ll handle the...uh...most problematic scene in the book. Might I suggest a simple, seven-way spit handshake?