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Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogya scifi classic about terraforming that was inspired by the author’s dreams of backpacking on the Red Planet—will be a scripted series on Spike TV next year. Now, we know who’ll be directing, and he’s an Emmy winner with an extensive resume: Greg Yaitanes.


Reports Deadline:

The hourlong scripted series, based on Kim Stanley Robinson’s award-winning Mars Trilogy books Red Mars, Green Mars, and Blue Mars, chronicle mankind’s colonization and transformation of the red planet. The books have been adapted in 21 languages and are regarded as the best novels ever written on the subject. Red Mars goes into production this summer and will consist of ten one-hour episodes, to debut in 2017. Sundance Television is the studio.


Yaitanes—who has directed episodes of Heroes, Lost, Ray Donovan, and House MD, as well as the 2003 miniseries Children of Dune—will also serve as an executive producer on Red Mars.

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