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The Director of Attack the Block Made Movie Spoofs Starring Stuffed Animals

Before Joe Cornish directed Attack the Block (and cowrote Ant-Man and Tintin), he was one half of the Adam and Joe Show, which was one of our favorite British comedy shows. And they used to make truly weird movie spoofs with stuffed animals and other toys. Here’s their riff on Se7en.


The Adam and Joe Show was brilliant 15 years ago, although it hasn’t all aged terribly well. They also used to do spoofs of reality TV shows, starring Star Wars action figures, and a ton of those are on YouTube—but after years of Robot Chicken, the Adam and Joe version feels a bit clunky. On the plus side, Adam’s dad reviews pop music, and it’s as funny as it ever was.

But meanwhile, here’s another one of their toy-based movie spoofs, this time for Guy Ritchie’s Snatch. In which Guy Ritchie says “I used a technique I borrowed from Tarantino, called ‘copying.’”

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Fourth Prize

I miss the Adam and Joe radio show, particularly Song Wars where they’d each have to make a song around a particular topic. The one Joe did for Quantum of Solace was my favorite: