The cover of Irredeemable #34. Image: Boom!

The world’s most powerful superhero is doing great, until he goes crazy and starts killing anyone who stands in his way. Now, his former, less-powerful colleagues, must try to stop him. This is Mark Waid and Peter Krause’s Irredeemable, and a top notch director may soon bring it to life.

Deadline reports that 20th Century Fox has acquired the rights to the Boom! comic as a directing vehicle for Adam McKay. McKay is best known as a comedy director, doing films like Step Brothers and Anchorman, but he recently co-wrote Ant-Man, worked on the sequel and was Oscar-nominated for helming The Big Short. He’ll work from a script by Tommy Wirkola, who wrote the cult favorite Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.


Since Fox has only just acquired the rights, everything would have to fall into place perfectly for this film to happen anytime soon. A perfect script by Wirkola, a nice window for McKay, but it’s certainly nice to hear Fox isn’t just latching onto the X-Men and Deadpool. They’re mining for other superhero properties too and Irredeemable, which was written by Waid and originally drawn by Krause, certainly has some strong themes fans of superhero films have been talking about. The set up almost sounds like the Avengers have been brought in to handle a murderous Superman.