The Director Behind Colossal Is Bringing Time Travel Thriller Comeback to the Big Screen

Image: Image Comics.
Image: Image Comics.

The next movie on Nacho Vigalondo’s post-Colossal slate is an intriguing team-up with Robert Kirkman. It’s not to adapt one of Kirkman’s myriad comics, though; instead, they’ll be bringing the intense time travel series Comeback to theaters.


Vigalondo—who’s already more than familiar with genre thanks to his excellent work on the giant-monster-movie-with-a-twist, Colossal, and the bonkers Timecrimes—will both write and direct the movie for Sony, while Kirkman will produce through Skybound Entertainment. Published by Image, Ed Brisson, Michael Walsh, and Jordie Bellaire’s Comeback follows two agents working for a mysterious company called Reconnect, a shady business that uses time travel to bring back a client’s loved one moments before his or her untimely death... as long as a heavy fee is paid. When one of their missions goes horribly wrong, the agents find themselves hunted by both their former employers and the FBI, in a chase that takes them across the country and across time itself.

Comeback is an intriguing comic, and a grim, often grisly take on classic time travel concepts. After falling in love with Colossal, we’re very excited to see Vigalondo’s spin on this story.

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