The difference between terrorists and freedom fighters is perception on Clone Wars

This week, Clone Wars gave us less of Ahsoka's long, lingering looks, and a bit more action as the Onderon rebels launch their strikes against the usurper king and his droid army. But the question remains: Can the Jedi ensure that their rebels stick to the droid-killing plan and don't descend into terrorism?

In the Onderon capital city of Iziz, our Jedi heroes, Rex, and the Onderon rebels are having great success destroying the droids that Count Dooku has supplied to Onderon's current king, Sanjay Rash, and have managed not to injure any civilians in the process. Anakin's quite please with himself; as far as he's concerned, he was right and the Jedi Council was wrong. Obi-Wan, of course, isn't quite so sure, and Ahsoka agrees that the populace is afraid of the rebels. Lux, fulfilling his role as rebel diplomat, has an idea for how to turn public opinion in favor: they'll attack the city's power main power station so the droids won't have a chance to recharge. Once the Izizians see that the rebels are trying to lift the Separatist occupation, they'll rally behind the rebels. Terrorism problem solved.


While the others return to Coruscant, Ahsoka stays behind to supervise the rebels. She helps Steela, Lux, and Saw capture a droid tank, but Saw and Steela bicker when Saw has trouble hot wiring the tank. Ultimately, though, the plan does prove a success: Saw drives the tank over the guard droids, blasts his way into the power station, and reduces the station to a fiery inferno. You'd think a smoking pit in the middle of the city might create more terror, but the civilians couldn't be happier, shouting cheers of "Free Onderon!"

This episode also gives us our first meeting with King Sanjay Rash. Not all the Separatists can be winners, but Rash is a bit generically mustache-twirling. He's even got a sycophantic second-in-command and taunts Onderon's previous king, Ramsis Dendup, who moans that he only wants freedom for his people. Blech.

Back at rebel headquarters, the rebels are celebrating, and Rex, Anakin, and Obi-Wan are checking in via hologram. Ahsoka gets in her one requisite crushing-on-Lux look before Anakin reprimands her for losing focus. "I understand," Anakin tells her, and when Ahsoka looks up at him, surprised, we're reminded that he's keeping that hulking secret from his Padawan.

There's a bit of uncomfortable back-patting in this scene (embedded above), but since this is just the second episode in the arc, that's likely deliberate. Everyone's riding high, and Anakin admonishes them to earn the support of the people. Saw and Lux represent the two extremes of the Onderon rebels: Saw is ready for the next battle while Lux encourages diplomacy. Steela is the balance between the two and she's acclaimed the rebel leader. This bugs Saw, who storms off after a half-hearted congratulations. Steela chases after him, revealing to Ahsoka that he's her brother. Apparently, that was supposed to be a surprise.


Meanwhile, holographic Count Dooku is rightfully disappointed with King Rash, who blames his recent failure on the quality of the droids (which, granted, aren't stellar, but he shouldn't be relying on them anyway). Dooku agrees to send more reinforcements, but he's also sending in a military strategist, the tactical droid Kalani. Hopefully Kalani will find a way to muddy up the rebels' plan to win the hearts and minds of the people.

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