The Devil's Hand Shows Why It Sucks To Be The Daughter Of Satan

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The Devil's Hand, formerly The Occult and Where the Devil Hides,has a new trailer and a new name and apparently it's about six girls who were born on the sixth day at the sixth hour... you see where we're going with this. Basically, they're evil and the Devil wants one of them.


Also is this set half in an Amish-looking town and half in the mainstreamed world? Very confusing. And why does the Devil have to kill all the girls in order to find the one? I guess because he's the Devil and that seems fairly evil. Not sure what to make of this one. Director Christian E. Christiansen and crew put together a great cast, but the plot seems a bit all over the place. We'll have to wait and see more. For now, I will remain interested in an Amish horror movie, if that's really what The Devil's Hand is.


Hold up... a horror movie called The Devil's Hand is directed by a dude named Christian E. Christiansen? Who's the cinematographer, Zoomy McCloseUp?