The Devil, Marvel Says...?

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Wondering who's behind Marvel Comics' recent Dark Reign status quo of the villains ruling the world? Could it be... Satan? That's the rumor going around the internet following last weekend's Baltimore Comic Con. Spoilers ahead...

Admittedly, it's not Satan Satan that's being fingered for the crime, but instead, Mephisto, his more child- (and copyright-) friendly Marvel Comics incarnation (Also known as the Devil That Ended Spider-Man's Marriage). With Dark Avengers, New Avengers and upcoming crossover Siege writer Brian Michael Bendis telling an audience at this weekend's Baltimore Comic Con that the currently-unseen figure behind Norman Osborn's control of the Marvel Universe will be unveiled in December, comic website made the case for Mephisto yesterday:

It's sensible dramatic unity. It's sensible dramatic consequence. At some point, Peter Parker will have to pay the emotional cost of sacrificing his marriage to save Aunt May or else, to me, it totally invalidates what Peter Parker should be all about... From a practical standpoint, look at the original Cabal: Norman, [Doctor] Doom, Emma [Frost, the X-Men's White Queen], Namor, The Hood, and Loki. Emma and Namor have split, but who has the power to keep Doom, The Hood, and LOKI in check? You could probably convincingly occupy Doom with any number of things Reed-Richards-related ("WHAT?! Richards has a new 108″ plasma? None out-gear Doom! RICHARDS!!!!"), and any number of guys could take out Robbins if they separate him from the, well, hood. But Loki? You need a whole lot of gun for that, and the one that makes sense is the Big Evil.


While we can see Mephisto getting involved with a plan to screw the world over en masse (It's much more believable than "Here, let me void your marriage," if you ask us), we're unconvinced whether it'd go down so well with Marvel's fanbase, who may have problems with the overly religious iconography of the devil being behind everything. Not that the deus ex machina thing would be an issue; fans are already suggesting the Michael Jackson-hairstyled, all-powerful Beyonder as an alternative to Mephisto.

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Chris Braak

I always thought Marvel's religious structure was pretty interesting. Like, they've got Mephisto, but no Jesus—and Mephisto isn't even the devil devil, he's part of some kind of ancient civilization of science-gods.

But I think this stuff is still kind of stupid.