Scotland-based photographer Chris Morgan captured this remarkable macro shot of a hummingbird while visiting Bosque De Paz Nature Reserve in Costa Rica. In case you were wondering: Yes, that is Morgan's reflection in the hummingbird's eye.

Images used by kind permission of Chris Morgan


Morgan tells io9 the key to capturing this photograph was patience:

My main method of taking the pictures was patience. I used a canon 100mm macro lens and sat near to some hummingbird feeders that were suspended just above head height. I kept the camera [close to] my face, as I have always felt animals are sensitive and usually alarmed by faces. I gradually got closer and closer. To get this shot I was there nearly an hour. The birds fly in and out so fast you have to practice holding the shutter just on the point of release, and then react as fast as you can.

More incredible, still, is that Morgan only moonlights as a photographer – he's actually in the catering business.

See more of Chris' "amateur" photography on his flickr page.

H/t PetaPixel


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