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Bust out the Crawler dance - it's time to go back into the creepy Appalachian caves with Neil Marshall's messed-in-the head ladies from The Descent. So who's still kicking, down below?


From the trailer it looks like we're dealing with the standard, "your hero is bonkers and no one believes her" problem, but in Descent 2 it appears as if Sarah Carter doesn't remember the crawlers, which would explain why they hell she would ever let anyone talk her into going back down in that hole to "find" her friends.

Neil Marshall's The Descent is by far and away one of my favorite horror flicks of the 00s. So please, I beg of you, handle this sequel in a respectful manner. I can accept the fact that perhaps somehow Juno managed to keep herself alive (it's a good twist), but I swear if they take any more liberties with the plot, I'm going to go nutso. I've already had to sacrifice the all-female cast for the sequel and I'm not ready to make any further compromises.


But director Jon Harris gets major points for paying homage to the jump-out-of-your-pants moment from the first by finding the girls' old camcorder. There is no US release date for this flick yet.

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