The deleted Blade Runner scene you never knew you missed is here (kinda)

Anyone who's seen Blade Runner — which should be all of you, by god — should remember the scene where Deckard goes backstage at a night club to interview the exotic dancer Zhora, who comes in with the synthetic snake she just used in her dance. The dance itself was never filmed... until now. Actress Joanna Cassify, who played Zhora in the 1982 film, decided to just up and record the scene a little while ago, complete with movie accurate make-up and snake, and then posted it for her fans. A few thoughts:

1) Given that the movie is over 30 years old, Joanna Cassidy has aged remarkably well.
2) Her house's entryway looks nice.
3) I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is not the music Ridley Scott would have chosen for the scene had he included it in the movie. Hopefully.
4) I would like to assume Cassidy has a smoke machine going at all times in her house.


[Via The Mary Sue]

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Chip Overclock®

While I agree that Joanna Cassidy has not reached her incep date, the mere fact she chose to do this suggests maybe she has some issues.