The Deadpool Sequel Just Lost Its Composer, Too

Illustration for article titled The iDeadpool /iSequel Just Lost Its Composer, Too

Deadpool 2 recently caused a stir when director Tim Miller announced he’d left the projects due to creative differences with Ryan Reynolds—but he’s not the only person to quit the movie. Now the man responsible for Deadpool’s soundtrack is out, for pretty much the same reason.


Junkie XL—who’s worked on everything from Deadpool to Mad Max: Fury Road and Batman v Superman recently—took to Instagram to announce that due to Miller’s exit from the film, he’ll no longer be working on Deadpool 2 either:


It’s been reported that the disagreement between Reynolds—who we know is extremely involved with the approach to the character—and Miller ran pretty deep, and it looks like the fallout from it is beginning to stretch beyond just Miller’s departure. Is this the last we’ve heard of people jumping ship from the movie? Let’s hope so, or it might be time to start getting a little concerned about Deadpool 2.

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Considering that I’m a trained composer and didn’t notice the score and have no memories of it... I think it’ll be OK. It’s not like we’re taking John Williams away from Star Wars (though I’m interested to see what Giacchino does with RO and would have really loved to hear Desplate’s take), or Howard Shore from LoTR.