The Deadpool Movie Could've Had a Lot More Sex in It

Still: YouTube
Still: YouTube

One of the most memorable moments in Deadpool is unquestionably the “Sex Every Holiday” montage between Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) and Vanessa Carlisle (Morena Baccarin). While it had plenty of special themed boning, spanning the length of an entire year, turns out it there was a lot more sex we didn’t get to see.


In an interview with Conan O’Brien, Baccarin revealed that there were a lot of holiday sex scenes they shot over the course of two days (although she and Reynolds previously said it was one day of filming), but a lot of them didn’t end up in the film.“We ended up leaving just a lot on the cutting room floor, because there are a lot of holidays,” Baccarin said. “And I feel good about that—the part that was left out. I literally mean that [was] enough sex. Like nobody needs to see more than what was in the movie.”


The film version features Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, Lent, Chinese New Year, and, of course, International Women’s Day. But there are so many other holidays that could use their own horizontal hustle tributes: Flag Day. Star Wars Day/May the Fourth. Maybe get a little National Dress Up Like Your Pet Day action— that could’ve turned out some appropriately kinky shi for Deadpool.

Check out the interview below, and let us know what other holidays you would’ve liked to see Wade and Vanessa bump uglies to. Who knows, maybe they’ll spice things up Arbor Day-style in Deadpool 2, currently in development.

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Clarification: Article previously used the name Monica, not Morena. This has been fixed.

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I have to agree with Monica here - the perfect amount of sex was what was in the movie already. It was fun and funny and sexy, but most importantly, it told us who they both were and sold them as a couple. Much more would have been gratuitous and beside the point.

That’s not to say I wouldn’t be all over them releasing the rest of the scenes as an extra, though.