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The Deadpool 2 Blu-ray Has Way More Than Just an Extended Cut

A crop of the Blu-ray cover for Deadpool 2.
A crop of the Blu-ray cover for Deadpool 2.
Photo: Fox

When an extended version of a film is included on a Blu-ray, obviously, that’s the main event. But Deadpool 2 has much more going for it than just an extended cut.


Deadpool 2 comes to digital on August 7 and then physical disc on August 21. The release will have the theatrical cut as well as a “Super Duper $@%!#& Cut” which features “15 minutes of never-before-seen footage including deleted scenes, alternate jokes, and extended takes.” It’ll premiere at Comic-Con and Ryan Reynolds teased it earlier today on Twitter:


That’s just the tip of what promises to be a really great release, though. Haha. “Tip.” Here’s the list of special features in addition to the extended cut.

  • Gag Reel
  • Deleted/Extended Scenes
  • Until Your Face Hurts: Alt Takes
  • Deadpool’s Lips are Sealed: Secrets and Easter Eggs
  • The Most Important X-Force Member
  • Deadpool Family Values: Cast of Characters
  • David Leitch Not Lynch: Directing DP2
  • Roll with the Punches: Action and Stunts
  • The Deadpool Prison Experiment
  • Chess with Omega Red
  • Swole and Sexy
  • “3-Minute Monologue”
  • Audio Commentary by Ryan Reynolds, David Leitch, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (Theatrical Version Only)
  • Deadpool’s Fun Sack 2
  • Stills (28 Images)

Here’s the cover.

The 4K release of Deadpool 2.
The 4K release of Deadpool 2.
Photo: Fox

Deadpool 2 is already great, so adding 15 minutes could be a tricky proposition. There are issues of pacing, over-explanation, and much, much more. On the other hand, we’ve already heard of one or two wild things that might be in there and we are all about them. Either way, it’s a nice option to have, along with everything else, now that it’s coming home. Haha. “Coming.”


Entertainment Reporter for io9/Gizmodo

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So here’s the thing. Generally speaking these extended cuts really do nothing to move the story forward. There is a reason movies are cut the way they are and why some things are best left in the cutting room floor or more accurately on the disk drive.

This is of course not true in every case but more often then not it is.  Some folks do not like Hancock for various reasons.  So be it but the released cut vs the extended cut is much better