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The Dead Rise on an Overwhelming New Poster for Avengers: Endgame

Avenge the fallen, and all that.
Avenge the fallen, and all that.
Image: Disney

You thought those 32 individual posters for Avengers: Endgame were something? Well, check this out.


Though there are only (haha) 29 people on this Chinese poster that was posted by Disney’s marketing president, having almost everyone together is just...wild. Especially with the way the living and dead are handled differently.

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A few things to note here. First is some perspective on how this process works. Last year, we asked Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige if any of the dead characters could appear in a trailer for Endgame, and he said “no.” But, of course, the trailers and posters have found a way to adhere to that but also skirt around it.

The latest trailer showed some dead characters, but in black and white footage from the past. And now these posters use them too, but with those characters clearly differentiated in the design. Basically, things change when it comes to marketing and until a movie is close to release, it’s impossible to get definitive answers on this stuff.

The poster also has a few new looks to think about. Nebula is wearing a leather jacket (which looks like it’s out of Star Wars), and Valkyrie shows up for the first time in a group poster in what we believe is a new image of Tessa Thompson. Captain Marvel, however, still looks like she’s in the ‘90s, so we wonder if her new look is some kind of spoiler.

The likely three-hour movie is scheduled for release April 26 and the rumor is tickets will go on sale this Tuesday, April 2.


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