The DC/CW-Verse's Superman Is Getting His Own Black Suit

God, they really should’ve given him the beard, too.
God, they really should’ve given him the beard, too.
Image: Lee Weeks, Scott Hanna and Brad Anderson (DC Comics)

The DC movies took so long to even merely hint at giving Superman his infamous black suit from the comics that now the TV side of things is just rolling full steam ahead with it.


Stephen Amell revealed our first look at Tyler Hoechlin in costume as Superman for—judging by the fact the actor is flanked by both Amell and Grant Gustin—the upcoming CW/DC crossover event Elseworlds, which will bring both Batwoman and Gotham City to the Arrowverse (as well as Lois Lane, an inclusion that makes a bit more sense now). And it’s not just a new version of the Superman costume, but specifically a black version:

The black suit, of course, has huge connotations within the realm of the comic books. When Superman perished after a battle with Doomsday in the iconic The Death and Return of Superman saga, his resurrection came with both an incredibly ‘90s mullet and, for a brief time, a capeless, all-black suit. Superman briefly donned the suit again recently in the comics when the pre-New-52 version of the character was brought into current continuity, but usually the coloration is a herald of Superman’s brief time grappling with mortality.

The CW take on the suit is a little different, retaining the cape of Hoechlin’s usual Superman outfit while giving the look a frankly much-needed collar. It’s pretty solid, but the questions it raises are far more interesting than the actual costume itself. Does this confirm that this Gotham City is on yet another Earth, different from both Barry’s and Ollie’s and Kara’s? Has this Superman been through his own struggles with Doomsday already? Can Kara take some pictures and send it to her cousin on Earth-38th and recommend a suit upgrade?

We’ll find out more later this year, when Elseworlds kicks off on December 9.


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Angrier Geek

Speaking of the black suit, as part of his guerillia campaign against Justice League, Snyder posted the cut scene where a resurrected Superman sees the black suit across from his blue & red suit and putting is supposed to signify his choice between good and evil. Except that a) this was never a part of his story anywhere and b) he barely looks at the black suit!

Such an awful goddamn storyteller.