The Dark Knight trilogy continues in this amazing Nightwing fan flick

Still sad Christopher Nolan's Batman movies are over? Well, then you might want to consider donating to this Indiegogo campaign to help make a fan flick continuing the story, set one year after the events of Rises, where John Blake has carried on Batman's legacy as Nightwing. Here's a 7-minute preview!

As you can see, Nightwing — or an unnamed, extremely Nightwing-ish character who is definitely identified in the credits as John Blake— is not the only Bat-character to make an appearance in The Dark Knight Legacy: there's the Penguin, Scarface, Stephanie Brown, and the bad guy is none other than lethal vigilante the Red Hood (although one would presume that's not Jason Todd under that mask). The people behind the film are only asking for $30,000, and they're over $8,000 now, so with a little luck (and $22,000) we'll get a full movie.


[Via Comic Book Resources]

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