Batman can't fly. Not in the comics. Not in the movies. Not even in the upcoming video game Batman Arkham City, despite what you might infer from some of the game's screenshots.

The Dark Knight of Arkham City nevertheless seems like a more powerful Batman than the one we last played in Batman Arkham Asylum. I saw the game in action last week and the new wall-punching Batman seems more mighty.


One of the game's developers promised, however, that in at least one way, Batman may seem weaker.

Dax Ginn, marketing manager for Arkham studio Rocksteady, said that Batman's detective-vision, the high-tech filter that turns much of the game world blue and Batman's enemies easily spotted bright hues, will be less easily over-exploited in Arkham City. "It's not so much if you will use it," Ginn said, "But can you use it?"


The Dark Knight, Too Triumphant?

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